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Operation Christmas Child

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Our Goal

 We have reached or exceeded our goal each year. It has grown from 150 boxes to well over 200. It is simple to participate and donate. Below you will find our monthly items for donation.  Each November, we have a Box Packing Event in which we participate in packing the boxes with allowed items, preparing them for shipment. On the Sunday following, we have a Blessing of the Boxes in which the Curch, as a whole, prays over the boxes and that God would use them for the futherance of the Gospel throughout the World. 

Items List For Donation By Month

February 2019

 Wash Cloths, Full Size Bath Soap Bars(210), Toothbrushes (210), Boys & Girls Deodorant (70) 

March 2019 

Combs, Hair Accessories, Nail Clippers, Bracelets, Sewing Kits, Chapstick/Lip Gloss, Bead Necklaces 

April 2019

 Barbie Like Dolls, Small Puzzles, Flashlights w/ batteries, SMALL tools (hammers, scredrivers and pliers) 

May 2019

 Kleenex Type Tissues (210), Dental Floss, Measuring Tapes (cloth or metal), Hot Wheel type cars 

June 2019

Jump Ropes, Slinky's, Sunglasses, Pencils, Cap Erasers, Small Stuffed Animals

July 2019

Crayons,(140 boxes) Coloring Books (70), Tablets (110) Colored Pencils (70)

August 2019

Glue Sticks (210), Small Scissors, Small Balls (bouncing and foam), Tennis Balls, Hacky Sacks

September 2019 

SMALL Frisbees, yo-yo's, Playing Cards, Jacks, Harmonicas, Flute Whistles, Whistles.

October 2019

Money for Shipping. Cost $9.00 per box for shipping

November 2019 

Money for Shipping, Box Packing Event.

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